Oct 20

Summer – fall 2016: delivery of an export tool of all the data

The LexArt team asked the Trier Center for Digital Humanities’ developer, Radoslav Petkov, to conceive an intermediate tool in order to be abble to visualize all the data inputted in the FuD software. This tool enables the export of the data, but also the navigation between them as soon as they have been entered into the FuD.

Although this export tool remains static, it offers the possibility for the research team to access to the analysis of all the texts (sources of our corpus), of all the “termes noyaux” (terms belonging to the artistic vocabulary of Early Modern Times) and definitions, in all languages. It facilitates as well the verification and correction of the data; and even if it is not an interactive tool, the data can be comparated. Thereby, the team has a global and instantaneous view of all the documentation collected. Furthermore, the researchers will be abble to use this tool to start the writing of the LexArt Dictionary, which constitutes a final synthesis of our research.


Available online, the export tool is nevertheless subjected to a private connexion and access, restricted to the team: indeed, it prefigures the final digital tool which will be interactive and open to all the academic community (in Open Access). This final tool will thus offer much more functionalities, and will be online at the beginning of 2018.