Nov 25

October – November 2015: the delivery of the input tool

This autumn 2015 marks a milestone for the LexArt project: the delivery of the tool used for the input.

Developed by the Center for Digital Humanities of Trier University (Germany), this tool or FuD (Forschungsnetzwerk und Datenbanksystem) has been especially adapted to the needs of the LexArt project by the web developer Radoslav Petkov. It enables to input the data of each studied book including all the documentation collected according to a precise structure defined in our requirements specification. Besides the bibliographic references – concerning the source, its different editions and translations, as well as the secundary bibliography references – different fields and tables permits researchers to integrate the analysis of each book, with the terms and quotations, and with the links between terms elaborated thanks to different networks implemented during this last year (lexical fields, conceptual fields and concordances between each language). In the meantime, a digitized version of each book is imported into the FuD to enable the constitution of a digital library ; the works of art used as models and mentioned by art theorists are also all referenced.

All the books already studied are thus integrated by the team. From now on, each new book will be directly handled in the FuD, and the data will be straightaway input into the tool.

The second step of the conception of the digital tool will begin in 2016. It will this time include the conception and development of a web-consultation tool build exclusively for the LexArt project. This digital tool will then be launch on line in 2017.