Sep 19

18-19 September 2014: Seminar of the research team – Montpellier

After the summer period and the first year of research, the progress of the work of each researcher is addressed: the main works of Roger de Piles and Abraham Bosse, including a part of their translations are finished, the ten Entretiens of Félibien are also completed, as are the works of Hilaire Pader, all this for French works; for German books, the first edition (1675) of the Teutsche Academie by Joachim von Sandrart is completed while the handling of the 1679 edition is in progress; for Dutch works, the Inleyding tot de hooge schoole der schilderkonst of Hoogstraten is also currently being studied while Het Schilder-Boeck by Carel van Mander is finished. Three new researchers will be recruited from 1 October and will begin the study of Philips Angels’, Willem Goeree’s and Gérard de Lairesse’s works for the Dutch part, and Jonathan Richardson’s one for the English corpus.

The concordance table filled out by each researcher is now updated and includes the latest treated texts. At this point, the concordance already contains nearly 800 words – a figure that reflects the need to work now on developing both semantic and conceptual cross-references uniting these terms. The section dedicated to synonyms and antonyms must be, in that sense, reworked by researchers.

To move forward on this specific issue, the organization of a seminar dedicated to the term “dessin / dessein” (“drawing / design”) – which alone brings together multiple meanings and words – is decided upon. Specialists of this concept will be invited to enrich our thinking.