Jun 3

2-3 June 2014 : Seminar of the research team – Paris

To better understand all terms and their equivalents in the different languages ​​studied, the concordance table is developed with the whole team, to implement a common methodology that prevents against misunderstandings and take into account the multiple meanings of terms. Within the context of a workshop, the team addressed, discussed and inserted more than seventy terms in the table.

A string is then made ​​to fill the rest of the table and ensure that each researcher integrates all the words he has been able to select up to now from the books.

Specific cases and issues are then discussed, such as the selection of extracts on expression of passions that often revolve around long descriptive passages: it is agreed that only the meaningful parts for art theory should be transcribed, targeting especially distinctions of feelings and attitudes that reveals passions and their expressions and thus contribute to define them; thanks to the digital library, the reader will in all cases be able to continue his reading directly into the book.

Moreover, different levels of commentaries are considered for the future database and add to our reading grid in order to explain certain terms and selected excerpts and allow the creation of briefing notes by the researcher, on the use of each term in the book studied.

After these first months of research and cooperation, an update on the progress of the work is done, and the distribution of books next to be treated is decided with the whole team: the treatment of French works like those of Hilaire Pader, La Mothe le Vayer and Bernard Dupuy of Grez are planned, as well as those of Samuel Hoogstraten or George Turnbull. New recruitments are also announced for the beginning of October 2014, in order to accelerate the processing of Dutch books and to start the work on the English corpus.