Mar 12

11-12 March 2014: Seminar of the research team – Paris

This seminar allows the team to talk about specific issues, such as the question of equivalence of terms, translations, or semantic combinations. The constitution of a concordance table (excel) to view the terms and their translation into the various languages ​​of our corpus (French, German, Dutch, English and Latin) is decided upon. The document will be completed by each researcher with an index system to identify authors and books, as well as an indication of different spellings, to consider a solution to establish coherent links between terms in the database.

Semantic clusters are also gradually emerging, with on one hand groupings by synonyms and antonyms, and on the other hand, groupings by application fields according to the words. In this perspective, the “comments” section foreseen in our reading grid should aim to report these links by application field, like the term “action” that applies to the figure’s movement, but also to the subject and history.

A dispatch to the scientific committee with a bibliography of books with their different editions and translations is also in preparation to validate the entire corpus.